What is the purpose of the website?


Strengthen Glendon’s research and educational mission to mobilize Francophone communities and networks in the province of Ontario and at the pan-Canadian level, and health professionals to familiarize themselves with the Francophone and bilingual resources available to them in OLMCs.

Position Glendon as a post-secondary institution committed to facilite links between health professionals in the French-speaking context and an actor who encourages the sharing and transfer of knowledge in open access. (Health professionals, researchers, public decision-makers and administrators help to develop the collection of CNFS resources and knowledge by developing content, adding articles, case studies, contributing to the participatory forum among others).

In addition, the CNFS Glendon summer school aims to mobilize communities and the public around the shared values of the CNFS ​​by introducing this web platform into their own training networks, by offering conferences, articles, and by encouraging their own educational or professional networks to use this platform for the purpose of sharing and mobilizing knowledge.

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